Year 6 Blog – Easter 2015

The children in Year 6 have continued to work exceptionally hard this term in preparation for SATs. Learning has been focused around the topic ‘Mining’ where children have developed their knowledge and understanding of the local area. They have enjoyed recalling the day to day life of a miner and the harsh conditions they worked in.

During art lessons, the children have created charcoal sketches of mining artefact. Many children have brought in artefacts from home belonging to their family members. They have been encouraged to discuss their family’s personal experiences of working in a mine.

For red nose day, children had a fun day dressed in non-uniform. Funny face accessories were used to create a wide range of funny face designs.

As SATS are approaching, a revision programme is now firmly embedded and will continue until the week commencing May 11th 2015.  A SAT meeting will be arranged in the summer term to advise parents of how to help their child during the SAT week. Thank you for your continued support throughout the term.

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