B_Flag_BDubmire Primary School has an elected School Council, House Captains and Vice Captains.  This provides an active opportunity for all children to promote and teach about democracy and the electoral process. The children are aware that as a community school it is used as a Polling Station during Local and National elections.

We encourage volunteering in and out of school.  This includes things like the Eco Warriors, Play Leaders, ICT helpers, and also by raising money for local and national charities eg MacMillan, Children in Need.

Children have a voice and their opinion is sought in regard to many key decisions e.g. purchase of new playground equipment/designs; routines and systems at lunchtimes. Decisions on and the organising of whole school events is in collaboration with children opinions. Annual questionnaires seeking children’s views contribute to the School Development Plan.

Within the Curriculum the beginnings of democracy are taught through historical research of the Ancient Greece civilisation and promoted through PSHE lessons. Key Stage assemblies are held to focus on the International Day of Democracy.

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