As teachers in Dubmire Primary, we are competent and confident users of technology in our personal and professional lives.  It is our aim to help all learners achieve this by teaching them how to use the skills of computing in an appropriate way. The new computing curriculum develops both skills and knowledge and encourages us to allow children the opportunity to solve problems, design systems and understand the power and limits of human and machine intelligence. Computing is a practical subject, in which invention and resourceful are encouraged. We aim to provide our children with resources that are age appropriate, in a meaningful context.

At Dubmire, we take internet safety very seriously and educate our children on how to use the ‘world wide web’ safely. We recognise that this is the role of all adults and strongly encourage parents to help support this by:

  • Closely monitoring the use of sites your child is accessing
  • Discouraging the use of social network sites under the legal age of 13 such as Facebook
  • Ensuring that your child does not give out any personal information (including full name, age, address, school or photographs) to people they meet online.

The following links, lead you to sites where you can find further information on how to help keep your child safe using modern technology.

Our ‘Staying Safe’ guide has been produced and displayed throughout school to help remind children about key issues. Please help us to keep your child safe by reinforcing our policy and modelling good internet use yourself.

E Safety – A guide for parents

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