In Dubmire Primary School we believe that mathematics is a tool for everyday life. It is integral to all aspects of life and with this in mind, we endeavour to ensure that children develop a healthy and enthusiastic attitude towards mathematics that will stay with them.

To provide adequate time for developing numeracy skills, which include fluency, reasoning and problem solving, each class teacher in Key Stage 1 and 2 will provide a daily mathematical lesson. This will generally last for sixty minutes. Within these lessons, there will be a good balance between whole class work, group teaching/work and individual work. A wide range of practical resources are used daily to ensure children develop a secure understanding of the skill being taught. The daily maths lesson consists of counting, mental and oral work – to rehearse, sharpen and develop skills then whole class teaching. In some Key Stage 2 classes, children are set in two ability groups. Reception classes have daily integrated numeracy activities that include oral counting. Links will also be made to mathematics within other subjects so pupils can develop and apply their mathematical skills across the curriculum.

In order to support greater consistency in the teaching of written calculations the school follows a written calculation policy. This policy has been developed in accordance with the National Curriculum 2014. It is designed to give pupils a consistent and smooth progression of learning when using the four operations of number.

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