Music beats within the heart of the children at Dubmire. Each child is given the opportunity to learn through music within school, experiment with various music genres and focus on instrumental learning within the school day. Currently, we are ready to begin a new musical journey with the ‘Charanga’ programme which offers not only excellent music practice for all, but a wonderful progression of skills from early years up to year 6.

We have many musicians who enjoy developing their instrumental skills within small group sessions with specialist teachers. (drums, clarinets, saxaphones, violins and guitars) These children work towards the traffic light grading scheme and will be given the chance to work towards grade 1 and beyond.

Although children are able to participate in small group sessions from year 2, all children experience instrumental teaching in year 4. This uses the ukulele and recorder to prepare them for possibly taking up guitar and woodwind instruments in the future. From this expert teaching, children are also taught to read music which is a key skill in the subject.

The love of music demonstrated within the school prompted the beginning of our ‘performing arts group’. This was started 8 years ago and has gone from strength to strength. This after school club caters for year 2 to year 6 children, giving them opportunities to perform in the local area and the wider community. Their success has been seen by many over the years on various stages such as our own and the Sunderland Empire.

We believe that every child should have their chance to shine. Through music and performance, we aim to make this happen.

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