At Dubmire School, Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE) plays a pivotal role in the day to day life of the school and our whole-school ethos relies heavily on the teaching and learning of the subject.

Our PSHE lessons follow the SEAL programme. Within the school community this provides a forum for the discussion of issues such as bullying, friendships, life changes and social communication. Teachers use a variety of teaching styles and strategies including circle time to allow children to explore their feelings.

Sex education forms part of our PSHE programme and is taught from Foundation Stage to Year 6. The materials used are extremely child-friendly, focusing more on parts of the body, personal hygiene and friendships for the younger children. Parents are welcome to view and discuss the material used in our sex education programme at any time and have the right to withdraw their children if they wish.

Through PSHE, we encourage children to lead healthy lives, by educating them on healthy eating, exercise, decision-making, responsible citizenship and relationships with family and friends. The aim of this curriculum is to help our children grow to be independent, thoughtful and caring citizens who are well equipped to go into the outside world.

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