December update – Year 5

The following blog is written by Katie McNeill (J12) and Alyssa Rowell (J(11).

Our topic this term has been Ancient Egyptians and everyone has enjoyed it. To start off this topic, we drew pictures of the River Nile which flows through a part of Egypt. Learning about one of the Egyptian Pharaohs, whose name was Tutankhamen, was very interesting. To learn more about them, we took an educational visit to the Oriental Museum in Durham. Whilst we were there, we got to see a REAL Mummy which was found many years ago near the Lake District (wow!). Then we decided to buy treasures from the gift shop to take home. Since we were inspired by the canopic jars at the museum, we decided to make our own. We created them with lots of different tools and a blob of clay in D.T (design and technology). We read the book The Time-Traveling Cat and our teachers gave us the task of making our own time travelling machines to get us to Ancient Egypt. All the projects were great, and all of them would hopefully get us to Ancient Egypt!

In all of our grammar lessons, we have been taught to use our key connectives and subordinate clauses. We have then tried our best to include this learning in our own writing to help us to move on. We have also tried to improve our handwriting and we think/hope that we have. Isn’t that right Mrs Worley and Miss Harrison?

One day this term, Year 5 and the whole of Dubmire took part in Peace One Day which Gentoo and some community policemen held. To brighten up the day, we made some funky glasses and got our faces painted. The head girl and boy plus the deputies, released some white doves to show our sign of peace with Gentoo. Apart from the real doves, we all made some clay doves to hang up on the trees both in the office/reception and St Andrew’s church. In class we also made some lovely peace posters especially for the peace one day.

Since J11’s Teaching Assistant left, Mrs Hobbs got a new one for them to annoy. J11 and J12 would like to give a warm welcome to Mr Douglass. This term, as it became close to Christmas, he has been rocking out some cool Christmas jumpers such as a Rudolph one which sings a song and a Christmas pudding that lit up. Who wouldn’t like a Teaching Assistant like him?

We have been getting in the Christmas spirit by making lots of different crafts. The teachers and all of the children have been amazed by Lauren Bee’s hand-made crafts. So far she has managed to create a wallet, a bag, a keychain and an amazing phone case. Other amazing things include Katie  McNeill’s Christmas book being published and various sporting and musical achievements from other members of the Year group. All of year 5 are very proud of her and can’t wait to read it. All of J11 and J12 are blown away by the style and creativity of each other

Part of our arts and crafts, includes making our own cross stitched calendars for our parents. They took us days to make, some people even weeks but in the end they turned out to be beautiful.  Last we are going to mention the cross stitched minion created by our own Mr Douglass! A big well done to everyone. You are all amazing!

Another thing, includes some lush Christmas cards which were drawn by hand. To make them more interesting, little shrinkle ornaments were added. Next year the shrinkles can be used to put on our Christmas trees.

To finish off the term, we had a lovely Christmas party after we sung at St Andrew’s church in a Nativity. The teachers made the party fun by playing games and giving out SWEETS! Everyone enjoyed this term and can’t wait to see what we are doing next year/term.

Well done to the children of Year 5.  We are very proud of the progress you have made and look forward to teaching you about ‘The Victorians’ next term.

Mrs Worley

Miss Harrison


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