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  “Scratch” was developed at MIT to be a stepping stone programming language to more advanced code. Perfect for beginners.   The perfect place to start when starting to code. Loads of step by step guides ranging from beginner to intermediate programming.


  Interactive Resources – 100’s of great whiteboard activities, games and worksheets all linked to the new Primary Framework for Mathematics.   MyMaths – Interactive maths VLE. Can be used as part of a lesson, for homework and generally brushing up on your maths!

Image editors

 PIXLR A Free alternative to photoshop. No need to install this app as it works though the web browser.  GIMP If you would rather a more full featured image manipulation software (Just like Photoshop), GNU Image Manipulation Program is fantastic.


 Bite_Size Full of free educational games and resources right up to GCSE level.

 Educational games

 Lego_site Another fantastic site with loads of games and things to do.


 Dance_Mat_Typing Brilliant interactive site that teaches you how to type. Fun for children and adults alike.