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Rules and Behaviour


Care, courtesy, respect for self and others, and respect for property are demanded fairly but firmly. We have few school rules and they are based on a common sense approach to working and living together and are primarily concerned with health, safety and the consideration of others. Through positive encouragement and positive reinforcement we aim to maintain high standards of behaviour.

Parents can help us by ensuring that children are tidily and sensibly dressed for school, with all items of clothing clearly marked with the owner’s name. The wearing of jewellery, with the exception of a watch, is not allowed.

It is one of our aims to develop positive relationships with our children so that strong disciplinary measures become unnecessary. Each class devises their own classroom plan which states classroom rules and rewards. We encourage pupils who break the rules to consider the effects of their actions. In more serious cases we try to involve parents in making sure that school behaviour improves. If necessary, a pupil can be excluded temporarily or even permanently.

Like all Local Authority maintained schools, we do not use corporal punishment.


Our School Rules

1. Follow all instructions.

2. Be kind to each other. (Keep hands, feet and objects to yourself. No calling names or teasing.)

3. Look after our school. (Keep it clean and tidy and treat the building with respect.)

4. Move around school quietly. (Whisper and walk.)

5. Be polite and respect all people in our school.


If you are concerned about any aspect of your child’s schooling the first step is to speak to the class teacher. If it is a confidential or complex matter do not try to deal with it immediately before or after school, ask to see the class teacher at a more suitable time. Most matters can be dealt with by your child’s class teacher but some things may be referred to the Head Teacher or other senior staff. It is not always possible for the Head Teacher to see a parent, especially if she is in class, but an early appointment will be offered.

Behaviour Policy