Year 2 – February update

Our Spring Term Topic is ‘Animal Mania’. Children have been learning about different animals and how to classify these into groups. They now know different animals that are reptiles, amphibians, insects, birds, mammals and fish. Children have read information about these animals and sorted them into groups.

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Children have also grouped animals into herbivores, omnivores and carnivores. Children enjoyed learning about what different animals eat.

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In Literacy our focus has been on nocturnal animals. We have read non-fiction books to find out information about each nocturnal animal. We have researched these animals in depth and have written a report about different animal’s appearance, diet and habitat. After half term we will be reading stories that include animal character.


After half term we are going to be looking at animals from different habitats e.g. jungle, rainforest. We will be learning a story called ‘We’re roaming the rainforest’ as an action story. This will be shown to parents on Wednesday 11th March in the small hall. We hope you can come and see us perform.

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