Year 2 – Summer term 2 blog

Well done to all the children in Year 2 who completed their SAT’s this term. They have worked extremely hard and tried their best.


This term we have been learning about seasides. We have compared seasides from the past to seasides now. We have discussed similarities and differences. We have also found out what people used to wear and what activities took place on the beach.

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Our trip this term was to South Shields beach. We had a fantastic day and the sun was shining all day. Children were able to see the physical and humans features at the seaside. We talked about what we could see, what we could hear and how we felt as we were sitting on the beach. This was then used in Literacy to support our writing.

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We have looked at plants this term in Science. We have walked around the school and the local area to locate different plants and flowers. Children can name and identify some plants and flowers.


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