Year 3 Blog – Autumn half term

This half-term our topic has been called ‘The Savage Stone Age’.  The majority of our work has been based on the life of the people who lived in that time period. We have looked at and written about how early man survived and developed over time , achieving things such as; finding fire, taming animals and inventing the wheel. The children’s artwork has been heavily linked to the Stone Age period and they have enjoyed creating cave art and painting Stone Age images onto rocks.

As always, there has been a huge focus on writing and the children have been learning how to use a range of features in order to write descriptions of characters and settings as well as a factual piece related to The Stone Age. The children used these features to create a Stone Age Power point Presentation. They particularly enjoyed using the ‘animations’ tool to make their presentation come alive!

We have had a fantastic start to the year with our achievement of the X-Factor rewards, which the children receive for excellent work. The children have responded well to this system and have shown great motivation towards earning the rewards. It has been a close call with a lot of the children running head to head for some time. The reward system has worked extremely well and will start again after half-term.

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