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This term our topic has been ‘All Things Green’. The majority of our work has been based on Enid Blyton’s ‘The Enchanted Wood’. We have all loved reading about the exciting adventures that the strange and wonderful characters have been involved in. Lots of exciting writing has been produced and we are using some wonderful vocabulary!

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In Science we have learnt how to grow plants and keep them healthy. Mr Crute joined us in the classroom to share his plants. He was very brave and left them for us to look after! We managed to keep them all alive and handed them back safely. Although not all of us managed to successfully grow our own plants, we now know that seeds don’t like being over watered!


Vincent Van Gogh and Andy Goldsworthy have been our artists for this term.  We enjoyed collecting natural resources from our local woods to create our own versions of their work. Some of us even based our home/school projects on their work.  One of the best art lessons was when we copied an idea by Andy Goldsworthy and used pieces of slate to put around our own bodies to make outlines on the ground outside.

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My memories of Year 3

I’ve really enjoyed being in Year 3 this year. My favourite memory is art, drawing our sunflowers and doing our mosaics with little squares of paper.

This year we have been on two trips, Arbeia Roman fort and the Stadium of Light. The one I liked the best was the Roman fort because we pretended to be real archaeologists and found out interesting facts.

In Science we have been learning about plants. We now know about how plants spread their seeds.

I have improved in my Numeracy doing my fractions. I loved counting in my 5x table!

By Lilly-Beth Metcalfe


My Memories of Year 3

I’ve really enjoyed being in Year 3 this year. My favourite memory was performing what it was like in the Stone Age.  Year 3 is the best year group I’ve been in at school.

In the Stone Age play, at one part all of the boys pretended they were heavy stones from Stonehenge. When the girls said, “What’s this?” the boys bellowed “STONEHENGE!” I really enjoyed that part, it was my favourite part of the show.

In art we have been drawing dragons and I thought mine was really good. I was proud in art when we were drawing dragons. It was my best drawing I ever did! Of course, I loved the Enchanted Wood, our fantasy story.

By Harrison Miller-Snee


My Memories of Year 3

I’ve really enjoyed Year 3. My favourite memories are of course reading ‘The Enchanted Wood’ and learning about the Stone Age .They were extremely fun to learn about. Also, it took a long time to learn about it so we could take our time and enjoy it!

I found The Enchanted Wood funny and extremely exciting .However, the magical characters are what made it great and plus the mysterious adventures. It was the best story that I have ever read. And sometimes it got so good we couldn’t stop reading it!

The other great thing was when we learnt about the Stone Age. One of the good things, was that we got to watch The Crudes and wrote some brilliant character descriptions! When we got to the end of learning about it, a girl called Amy came in from a theatre group  and we put a show on. It was so much FUN!

But my favourite part were the teachers!

By Ayva Dent

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