Year 5 Blog – Easter 2015

Welcome to the Year 5 Easter blog! This time, the blog was written by Elliot Cummings and Keisha McKellar. We’ve had a wonderful term based all around the Victorians!
In literacy we have used ‘Street Child’ as our class novel and our stimulus for writing. In our writing, we use loads of tips and useful things to move to a higher level. One thing to help us is ‘The Sea of success’. We know if we’re floating on the sea of success by using a few skills like: our ‘High five’ (see, smell, hear, feel and taste); our key connectives; our sentence openers; our adjectives and punctuation. To remember these, the teachers provide symbols to represent the skills. Here are the symbols and what they mean: a hand is our high five; a key is our key connectives; a door is our sentence openers; a dictionary is the adjectives and the punk represents our punctuation. Using these skills help us achieve new levels, and they also help us to write great pieces of writing.
In our Street Child story, we wrote lots of pieces of descriptive writing including things like describing the workhouse from the story and loads more. Using higher level vocabulary can move us up from a level like ‘4c’ to a level like a ‘4b+’. Using our ‘Punctuation Pyramids’ has all our vocabulary and skills we need. Punctuation Pyramids also show what standard we should be at and give us all our punctuation for our level.
Also this term, we were looking at persuasive writing and doing all sorts of persuasive texts. This included writing a letter of persuasion to the Victorian government telling them to build more free schools for homeless children to enjoy. All of the letters were amazing and were sure to persuade them.

We have been improving our writing this term when listening to our teacher’s All of year 5’s have been using brackets, dashes, commas and different types of sentences. It’s safe to say that we have all improved and our teachers have been very impressed.

In history, we have been learning about the Victorian period. One lesson we traced back a Victorian family tree and found out they were the Lilly White family. We were all shocked that the eldest of the family had a shop named after him! Also, we made exquisite silhouettes which all turned out great!! This is how we made them. Firstly, we cut out pictures of ourselves facing sideways and then we put blue tack onto black card and cut around them. Next we cut some Victorian frames and then stuck the black card cut outs onto them.

In our science lessons, we have been learning all about space and the planets in our solar system. To link it with the planets, in French lessons we did some work on the planets by learning how to say them in French for example du Soleil is the sun and la Terre is Earth. A fascinating part of our topic, was getting to see a solar eclipse. It was a great sight to see (even though it wasn’t that dark). We all did some writing about seeing the eclipse even though we did exaggerate a little bit.

Numeracy has been great this term because we have been learning all different methods on times, addition and division. All of the new methods were much easier to use than the methods than we were using before. We are working very hard on all of our targets such as times tables and factors. Some of us have done all of our tables but we still have more to do.

As a part of our P.E we went swimming at the pool in Hetton. To get more fresh air we took a bike ability course. The swimming lasted for eleven weeks (even though it was only supposed to be ten) and the bike ability was for two.

We had a great time doing all of the subjects and we would like to do more about them in year 6.

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