Year 5 – Winter blog

Year 5 Autumn term blog

This blog was written by Max Thomas and Ellen Grant. So far, we have covered many things in year 5 including Ancient Egypt, Earth and space and other interesting things.


In literacy, we have recapped over different genres such as poetry, myths and legends, narrative writing, using descriptive language in paragraphs, non-chronological reports and lots of punctuation. As you can see, we’ve been doing lots of writing.


We have been focusing on Ancient Egypt in history. We have learnt about Howard Carter and how he found Tutankhamun. Additionally, we wrote a biography about his life as well as how and what led him to find the sarcophagus of Tutankhamun. Recently, we have covered Egyptian Gods and myths. Moreover, we were taught the process of farming in Ancient Egypt.


In science, we have looked at the solar system and space. We have learnt about all the planets and which order they go in. We wrote a non – chronological report explaining what life is like in space.


In art, we’ve drawn a sarcophagus. Even better, we are working on making a 3D sarcophagus using mostly Modroc and Clay.


Over the last term, we have written many small biographies of the Northern Saints including St. Hilda, St. Oswald,     St. Bede, St. Aiden and St. Cuthbert.

By Ellen Grant and Max Thomas


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