Year 6 – Winter blog 1

Our experience in Year 6 has been great so far, both of us have enjoyed learning new things and showing what we know in our books. Mrs McGonnell, (our teacher) has been so helpful this term and helps us when we’re in need. No matter what the problem is, she always at least tries.

In our latest literacy lesson, we’ve been learning to write poems. We learned how to perform a written poem using expression by reading the punctuation.  For our Christmas calendars, we used our knowledge from literacy to write an acrostic poem for a person of our choice. It was really fun to decorate! Every morning in numeracy, we practise our times tables, depending on which one were not as confident with. Last week we did some practise SATs to help us prepare for the real SATs in May. Doing this makes us less nervous. At the start of year 6, we both were not very good with fractions and dividing but so far our knowledge has grown and we feel as if we’re getting better. Mr Williamson, our R.E.  teacher, has been telling us the story of Jesus’ birth. We read the story in peoples’ different views (such as Matthew’s)


By Alisha Wetherell and Keisha McKellar

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