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This term our topic has been focused on Rainforests. We have learned a lot about the animals, tribes and plants in the past few weeks and discovered the deforestation taking place in rainforests across the world. Most people have enjoyed the topic and I’m sure everyone has learned a lot!


In Literacy our main focuses have been on: descriptive writing, non­-fiction, poetry, word types, punctuation and most importantly handwriting. Most people in our class have clearly enjoyed this subject.


For RE this term a man called Ken has been coming into our school to teach us about Jesus, Gospels and advent. He also told us about the birth of Jesus and how he is so famous he is for the Bible and Nativity story.


In PE we have been swimming at Hetton Pool to learn to swim. The whole year group went swimming for 10 weeks. The vast majority of people enjoyed this activity. After the swimming had finished we took part in a quiz with Mr Topping to get our brains running.


Throughout the year, we have been learning about staying healthy. We have also learned about the harmful drugs. This really helped us understand the human body a lot more.


In Geography we have learned about the 7 continents. We made arcs representing how big the 7 continents were. We coloured them in using a key. We also labelled maps to show where the countries are based.

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By Erin Garland and Erin Middlemass

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