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Year 6 Class Page


Home Learning, Daily tasks...

Tuesday 26.01.21

 Tuesday 26th January - Maths Answers.pdfDownload
 Flashback checklist 26.01.21.pdfDownload
 Tuesday 26th January - Spanish.pdfDownload
 Tuesday 26th January - Spanish Part Two.pdfDownload
 Tuesday 26th January - Spanish Worksheet.pdfDownload
 Tuesday 26th January - Maths Slides.pdfDownload
 Tuesday 26th January - Maths.pdfDownload
 Editing Stations.pdfDownload
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Monday 25.01.21

 Monday 25th January - Maths answers.pdfDownload
 Flashback checklist 25.01.21.pdfDownload
 Editing Stations.pdfDownload
 Monday 25th January - RE.pdfDownload
 Monday 25th January - RE slides.pdfDownload
 Monday 25th January - Maths.pdfDownload
 Monday 25th January - Maths slides.pdfDownload
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Friday 22.01.21 (Golden Time afternoon!)

 Friday 22nd January - Maths Answers.pdfDownload
 22.1.21-English and Art.pdfDownload
 Friday 22nd January - Maths.pdfDownload
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Thursday 21.01.21

 Wednesday 20th January - Science Slides.pdfDownload
 Wednesday 20th January - Science.pdfDownload
 Thursday 21st January - Maths.pdfDownload
 Thursday 21st January - Maths Slides.pdfDownload
 Thursday 21st January - Maths Answers.pdfDownload
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Wednesday 20.01.21

 Wednesday 20th January - Science Answers.pdfDownload
 Wednesday 20th January - Maths Answers.pdfDownload
 Wednesday 20th January - Science.pdfDownload
 Wednesday 20th January - Science Slides.pdfDownload
 Wednesday 20th January - Maths.pdfDownload
 Wednesday 20th January - Maths Slides.pdfDownload
 Flashback 20.1.2021.pdfDownload
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Tuesday 19.1.21

 Tuesday 19th January - Maths Sheet Answers.pdfDownload
 Flashback 19.1.21.pdfDownload
 Tuesday 19th January - Spanish.pdfDownload
 Tuesday 19th January - Spanish .pdfDownload
 Tuesday 19th January - Spanish Months.pdfDownload
 Tuesday 19th January - Spanish Days and Months.pdfDownload
 UKS2 Writing a Flashback - PowerPoint.pptxDownload
 Tuesday 19th January - Maths Sheet.pdfDownload
 Tuesday 19th January 2021 - History.pdfDownload
 Tuesday 19th January - Maths slides.pdfDownload
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Monday 18.1.21

 Monday 18th January - History Answers.pdfDownload
 Monday 18th January - Maths Answers.pdfDownload
 English 18.1.21.pdfDownload
 Monday 18th January - History Slides.pdfDownload
 Monday 18th January - History.pdfDownload
 Monday 18th January - Maths slides.pdfDownload
 Monday 18th January - Maths.pdfDownload
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Friday 15.1.21

 Friday 15th January - Maths Test Answers.pdfDownload
 Sarah Graham- 15.1.21.pdfDownload
 Synonyms for said 15.1.21.pdfDownload
 Synonyms for said-word mat.pdfDownload
 Friday 15th January - Maths Test.pdfDownload
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Thursday 14.1.21

 Thursday 14th January - Maths Answers.pdfDownload
 14.1.21 speech.pptDownload
 Thursday 14th January - Maths.pdfDownload
 Music Comprehension- 14.1.21.pdfDownload
 Speech punctuation worksheet 14.1.21.pdfDownload
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Wednesday 13.1.21

 Wednesday 13th January - Maths Answers.pdfDownload
 Dashes answers 13.1.21.pdfDownload
 English- Dashes 13.1.21.pdfDownload
 Dashes PowerPoint.pdfDownload
 Wednesday 13th January - Science.pdfDownload
 Wednesday 13th January - Science Slides.pdfDownload
 Wednesday 13th January - Maths Slides.pdfDownload
 Wednesday 13th January - Maths.pdfDownload
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Tuesday 12.1.21

 Similarities and differences between Bruno and Shmule 12.1.21.pdfDownload
 Tuesday 12th January - Maths Answers.pdfDownload
 English Reading- 12.1.21.pdfDownload
 Tuesday 12th January - Spanish.pdfDownload
 Tuesday 12th January - Maths Slides.pdfDownload
 Tuesday 12th January - Maths.pdfDownload
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Monday- 11.1.21

Please enter some files.
 Monday 11th January - Maths Answers.pdfDownload
 Monday 11th January - Maths.pdfDownload
 Monday 11th January - English.pdfDownload
 Monday 11th January - History Slides.pdfDownload
 Monday 11th January - Maths Slides.pdfDownload
 Monday 11th January - History.pdfDownload
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Friday 8.1.21 (see dojo for English task)

 Friday 8th January - Maths Answers.pdfDownload
 Friday 8th January-Art.pdfDownload
 Friday 8th January - Maths.pdfDownload
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Thursday - 7.1.21 (See Dojo for English task)

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 Thursday 7th January - Maths Answers.pdfDownload
 Thursday 7th January - History.pdfDownload
 Thursday 7th January - History Slides.pdfDownload
 Thursday 7th January - Maths.pdfDownload
 Thursday 7th January - Maths Teaching Slides.pdfDownload
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Wednesday- 6.1.21 (see dojo for English tasks)

Please enter some files.
 Wednesday 6th January - Maths Answers.pdfDownload
 Wednesday 6th January - History Slides.pdfDownload
 Wednesday 6th January - History.pdfDownload
 Wednesday 6th January - Maths.pdfDownload
 Wednesday 6th January - Maths slides.pdfDownload
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