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Year 6 Class Page

Welcome to the ever changing page of Year 6 :)

Here, you will find information regarding useful websites and anything else that we feel will be helpful during this difficult time.

Projects,websites and ideas will be addressed to the children, and are set out under each subject area for easy access.

A homework task sheet will be set each night: check this web page daily for updates.



Home Learning

A home learning task sheet will be posted daily in the section below.This will contain specific Maths, English and Topic related work to be completed on that day. Where possible, answers will be posted the following day.

(Can children please use their S.S.S revision exercise books,jotters  or exercise books of their own to record all of their tasks. This will ensure that they see the importance of the work they are completing.)

We have also attached a timetable, which roughly represents a typical school day. This is to help with structure as much as possible-we want to try to make home learning as 'normal' and accessible as we can.

Spelling Shed, and Times Table Rock Stars will be changed each Friday.

**SPELLING SHED, SPAG.COM AND TTRS are checked weekly-please ensure that your child is accessing these and completing the given challenge.**

Home Learning Tasks

 Tuesday 2nd June - Literacy.pdfDownload
 Tuesday 2nd June - home learning.pdfDownload
 Monday 1st June - Literacy Reading Text - Mo Salah.pdfDownload
 Monday 1st June - Literacy Comprehension - Mo Salah.pdfDownload
 Monday 1st June - home learning.pdfDownload
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 Tuesday 2nd June - maths answers.pdfDownload
 Monday 1st June - maths answers.pdfDownload
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 Friday 22nd May - home learning.pdfDownload
 Thursday 21st May - Music - Lyrics.pdfDownload
 Thursday 21st May - home learning.pdfDownload
 Wednesday 20th May - Reading Comprehension Text - Captain Tom Moore.pdfDownload
 Wednesday 20th May - Reading Comprehension Questions.pdfDownload
 Wednesday 20th May - home learning.pdfDownload
 Tuesday 19th May - home learning.pdfDownload
 Monday 18th May - home learning.pdfDownload
Showing 1-8 of 8
 Thursday 21st May - maths answers.pdfDownload
 Wednesday 20th May - maths answers.pdfDownload
 Tuesday 19th May - maths answers.pdfDownload
 Monday 18th May - maths answers.pdfDownload
Showing 1-4 of 4
 Friday 15th May - home learning.pdfDownload
 Thursday 14th May - home learning.pdfDownload
 Wednesday 13th May - home learning.pdfDownload
 Tuesday 12th May - home learning.pdfDownload
 Monday 11th May - home learning.pdfDownload
Showing 1-5 of 5
 Thursday 14th May - maths answers.pdfDownload
 Tuesday 12th May - maths answers.pdfDownload
 Monday 11th May - maths answers.pdfDownload
Showing 1-3 of 3
 Thursday 7th May - home learning.pdfDownload
 Wednesday 6th May - home learning.pdfDownload
 Tuesday 5th May - GPS.pdfDownload
 Tuesday 5th May - home learning.pdfDownload
 Monday 4th May - Spanish.pdfDownload
 Monday 4th May - Spanish.pptDownload
 Monday 4th May - English.pdfDownload
Showing 1-7 of 7
 Thursday 7th May - maths answers.pdfDownload
 Wednesday 6th May - maths answers.pdfDownload
 Tuesday 5th May - maths answers.pdfDownload
 Monday 4th May - maths answers.pdfDownload
Showing 1-4 of 4
 Friday 1st May - Spanish PowerPoint.pdfDownload
 Friday 1st May - Spanish PowerPoint.pptDownload
 Friday 1st May - Maths arithmetic.pdfDownload
 Friday 1st May - home learning.pdfDownload
 Thursday 30th April - Art - Henri Rousseau Presentation.pdfDownload
 Thursday 30th April - home learning.pdfDownload
 Wednesday 29th April - Maths Problem Solving Revision.pdfDownload
 Wednesday 29th April - English sheet.pdfDownload
 Wednesday 29th April - home learning.pdfDownload
 Tuesday 28th April - Science.pdfDownload
Showing 1-10 of 19
 Friday 1st May - Maths answers.pdfDownload
 Thursday 30th April - maths answers.pdfDownload
 Wednesday 29th April - maths answers.pdfDownload
 Wednesday 29th April - Maths Problem Solving Revision - Answers.pdfDownload
 Tuesday 28th April - maths answers.pdfDownload
 Monday 27th April - maths answers.pdfDownload
Showing 1-6 of 6
 Friday 24th April - Maths Problem Solving Revision.pdfDownload
 Friday 24th April - home learning.pdfDownload
 Thursday 23rd April - Reading Comprehension.pdfDownload
 23.4.20 Shmog narrative poem.pdfDownload
 Thursday 23rd April - home learning.pdfDownload
 22.4.20-English-Shmog planning.pdfDownload
 Wednesday 22nd April - Science.pdfDownload
 Wednesday 22nd April - Science PowerPoint.pptxDownload
 Wednesday 22nd April - Science PowerPoint.pdfDownload
 Wednesday 22nd April - home learning.pdfDownload
Showing 1-10 of 19
 Friday 24th April - Maths Problem Solving Revision - Answers.pdfDownload
 Friday 24th April - maths answers.pdfDownload
 Thursday 23rd April - maths answers.pdfDownload
 Wednesday 22nd April - Maths arithmetic revision answers.pdfDownload
 Wednesday 22nd April - maths answers.pdfDownload
 Tuesday 21st April - maths answers.pdfDownload
 Monday 20th April - maths answers.pdfDownload
 Monday 20th April - GPS revision - answers.pdfDownload
Showing 1-8 of 8
 Friday 3rd April - home learning.pdfDownload
 Friday 3rd April - Maths Problem Solving Revision.pdfDownload
 Friday 3rd April - Arithmetic Test.pdfDownload
 2.4.20 - GPS Task Two.pdfDownload
 2.4.20 - GPS Task Three.pdfDownload
 2.4.20 - GPS Task One.pdfDownload
 2.4.20 - GPS lesson.pdfDownload
 2.4.20 - English Story Checklist.pdfDownload
 Thursday 2nd April - home learning tasks.pdfDownload
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 Friday 3rd April - Maths Problem Solving Revision - Answers.pdfDownload
 Friday 3rd April - Maths Aritmetic Answers.pdfDownload
 Thursday 2nd April - Maths Answers.pdfDownload
 Wednesday 1st April - Maths answers.pdfDownload
 Tuesday 31st March - maths answers.pdfDownload
 Monday 30th March - maths answers.pdfDownload
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 Friday 27th March - Problem Solving Revision.pdfDownload
 Friday 27th March - home learning.pdfDownload
 Science - microorganism powerpoint.pptDownload
 Thursday 26th March - Science.pdfDownload
 Thursday 26th March - English Comprehension - text.pdfDownload
 Thursday 26th March - English Comprehension Questions.pdfDownload
 Thursday 26th March - home learning.pdfDownload
 Key points for writing a diary entry.pdfDownload
 Wednesday 25th March - home learning.pdfDownload
 24.3.20 Prepositions with answers.pdfDownload
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 Friday 27th March - Problem Solving Answers.pdfDownload
 Friday 27th March - maths answers.pdfDownload
 Thursday 26th March - maths answers.pdfDownload
 Wednesday 25th March - Maths answers.pdfDownload
 Tuesday 24th March - Maths answers.pdfDownload
 Monday 23rd March - Maths answers.pdfDownload
 ANSWERS - Anne Frank-23.3.20.pdfDownload
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 Home Learning Timetable to use yr 6.docxDownload
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Punctuation & Spelling)

Use past papers(your G.P.S and reading tests)to correct mistakes and work on the areas that you find tricky. Use the document above to pin-point specific focus areas that you can work on.

(log-in details required)

(accelerated reader log-ins)

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Here are some links for a range of interactive Science websites you can access at home.

We are currently studying living things including humans.This includes the growth and spread of bacteria. 

-You can create a fact file about this, and amaze our class with your findings when we return.

You may also want to deepen your understanding of evolution and inheritance, Charles Darwin, Forces and Sir Isaac Newton!


 Lesson 12B Personality traits Personalidad.pdfDownload
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For the above links, please make sure you download them to play as a powerpoint. The answers are in blue, and should only be revealed when you have attempted the question.

Use past papers(your arithmetic and reasoning tests) to correct mistakes and work on the areas that you find tricky. Use these to pin-point specific focus areas that you can work on.

(downloadable questions similar to those above)

(log-in required)

(log-in required)

(sign- up for free access)

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(maths challenges)




 Why should you be wary of 'Ancient Greeks' bearing gifts? 

This half term, we will be exploring the many wonders of the ancient Greek civilisation.

Although the ancient Greeks lived thousands of years ago, we look at the unique nature of their society and how many later civilisations came to adopt their customs. 

Some of the key questions we will be exploring are:

*Was Ancient Greece a war-like society or one which introduced many new ideas to the world? 

*Who was responsible for the outbreak of the Trojan War?

*Did Helen of Troy choose to leave with Paris, or was she abducted against her will? 

*How were the Ancient Greeks able to win the Trojan War?

*What is democracy and what part did the Ancient Greeks have in creating it? 

*Could Usain Bolt have been an Ancient Greek Olympian?




(Art/Music/Design and technology)

(edit your own music and create 'mash-up' tracks)




Join Jo Wicks for daily P.E sessions for children=PE with Joe,Youtube Channel, TheBodyCoachTV



Class Dojo

Ask your parents to download the app so that they can keep in touch with your class teacher.

How to access Class Dojo

Websites covering all areas...


twinkle= and use code UKTWINKLHELPS.


Classroom Secrets =

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