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Dubmire Primary Academy

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Modern Foreign Languages

Subject Lead - Mrs Thompson

At Dubmire, we are currently transitioning from Spanish to French (Francais). Year 6 have started a trial at the start of summer 1 and have absolutely loves learning a new language. From September, all of key stage 2 will be starting to learn French as their Modern foreign language. Children will learn greetings, phonics and phrases in their first term to enable them to engage in oracy tasks with peers.

Modern Foreign Languages (MFL) is centred around an interesting and interactive curriculum, including a variety of speaking, listening, reading and writing activities, in French. Each session builds on key words and phrases that will help give your child a solid platform to build upon their knowledge of one of the most spoken languages in the world. 

The topics covered have been carefully chosen so that learning a foreign language is more pertinent to the children’s own experiences, and can be applied, outside of the classroom and will prepare the children for learning when they transition to secondary school. It is a big wide world out there, and we want your children to experience not just our culture, but others too. Bravo! 



WHY?   Pourquoi?

You may ask yourself why do I need to learn a forgein language, what's the point? Well... learning another language can help connect human beings on a deeper level of mutual understanding as it helps to break down those barriers. It can provide you with a professional and career advantage leading to niche job roles along with more social and global skills. It can make you smarter with problem solving and reasoning skills, creativity and academic achievement. It can also improve memory and multitasking skills.

Free French Website

For anyone who is enjoying learning French, but feels that they would like more practice, go to - please use the Login provided in school.

The website is fun and colourful, and provides free lessons, revision and tests. The children have their own profile and can track their progress; and collect rewards and points.