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Maths at Dubmire:


At Dubmire, the teaching of mathematics is in line with the principles of both the National Curriculum and the Teaching for Mastery Framework. Through the teaching of fluency, reasoning and problem solving, staff deliver both depth and breadth, ensuring all children are provided with opportunities to master key concepts and build upon existing knowledge.  

All children are encouraged to develop, and use, wide ranging mathematical skills – applying them to both everyday life and the world around them. This provides children with opportunities to use mathematical facts and procedures fluently, recall number facts with speed and accuracy, follow chains of reasoning to make connections, whilst also undertaking problematic mathematical thinking. Through the teaching of specialist vocabulary, children will be able to articulate their own findings at an age appropriate level.  



In ensuring high standards of teaching and learning in mathematics, at Dubmire, lessons are designed in a carefully sequenced journey, which embeds new learning, whilst consolidating prior knowledge. Significant time is spent developing deeper knowledge of the key ideas, which are needed to underpin future learning. In doing so, the structure and connections within mathematics are emphasised, so that pupils develop deep learning, which can be sustained. For those pupils who grasp concepts rapidly, challenge is provided through the exploration of rich and sophisticated problems, which further extend and deepen understanding. However, if pupils fail to grasp a concept or procedure, this is identified quickly and early intervention ensures that the pupil is ready to move forward with the whole class.  

The teaching of mathematics utilises the CPA approach, allowing children to experience concepts through differing representations. By creating purposeful contexts, where possible, teaching aims to engage and ‘hook children in’, whilst also promoting the importance of maths in daily life.  



The impact and measure of this is to ensure children not only acquire age-appropriate knowledge, but also develop a deep conceptual understanding. Through a love of maths, children will become independent and resilient learners, who can articulate and apply their understanding to everyday life.

Subject Lead - Mr A. Hogbin

Maths Policy:

Calculation Policy:

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The Dubmire Times Table Rock Stars Cup....

Competition Rules

 Since we had such a great success with our last Dubmire Times Table Rock Stars Cup Competition, we have decided to launch the Dubmire Times Table Rock Stars Champions League.

Starting from tomorrow, children from Year Two - Year Six will be competing against each other to see which class will be crowned the Dubmire Times Table Rock Stars Champions.

The ten classes will be drawn into two separate groups of five. The classes, within the same group, will battle against each other. At the end of the group stage, the two classes with the most points, in each group, will progress to the semi-final stage. The points scoring system is:

3 points for a win
Additional points:
+ 5 points if a class scores over 30,000 points in a round
+ 4 points if a class scores over 20,000 points in a round.
+ 3 points if a class scores over 10,000 points in a round.
+2 points if a class scores over 3,000 points in a round.
+ 1 point if a class scores over 1,000 points in a round.

The draw to see which classes are in which group will be live from the Stadium of Hog, later today. Make sure you see who your class is drawn against.
We will be posting regular updates about who each class is battling and what the groups look like. We may even have the opportunity to see some teachers deliver their best 'football manager' style interviews! Keep checking the school Facebook and TTR for further updates.

To see inspiring 'football manager' style interviews - from our very own teachers - and live round by round updates, go across to the Times Table Rock Star Champions League section of the website.  

Year Six Maths SAT Papers:

At the end of Year Six, children are to complete a standardised test, which assess their mathematical knowledge and understanding. For maths, children will complete one arithmetic paper (worth 40 marks) and two reasoning/ problem solving papers (each worth 35 marks.) 

Examples of previous year's papers are included below:

 2019 Maths SAT - Arithmetic Paper One.pdfDownload
 2019 Maths SAT - Mark Scheme.pdfDownload
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Planning Documents:

Whole School Long Term Planning.

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Year Group Medium Term Planning:

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Progression of Mathematical Skills:

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During November, all year groups participated in 'Barvember.' Each day, the children would use their bar-modelling skills to complete various mathematical problems. If they were feeling extremely confident, pupils would choose to take on the 'Daily Challenge!' Try out some of the examples below and test your own bar-modelling skills.

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White Rose Hub 'Problem of the Day.'

During March, White Rose Hub are launching a 'Problem of the Day' challenge, which will test and develop children's ability to solve various mathematical problems. Each day, they will be posting various examples for the children to complete. Try out some of the examples below!

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